Wednesday, January 7, 2009

After Christmas Markdowns

After Christmas markdowns are the Bomb! I mean seriously, when can you get a pair of beautiful Fossil wool pants tagged at $68 for only $19 ??? Never! Well except for after Christmas that is. While at the mall a few times after Christmas I realized I should buy everything then from now on. I could easily get the kids a wonderful Gymboree and CP wardrobe at half the cost of buying when they actually need it. Hmmmmm...
I received 2 sweaters from Jim that I know cost a good bit. I saw them in the store after Christmas and almost choked when I saw the markdowns. I could have gotten 3 instead of just 2 for what he paid.

So Jim and I were discussing what to do next year.. We may switch it up with our gifts for each other and just buy a crapload of Gift cards so we can get more for our money after Christmas. We could get so much more. Now there are certain drawbacks. They may be out of the size or color that you need/want. But in that case I just figure you weren't mean to have it and move on.

So in a few months we will decide how we will approach our Christmas spending for 2009. Loads of boxes to unwrap or a pile of Gift cards? The loads of boxes is visually more enticing but economically the gift cards are a better bet.

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Susan said...

Sounds like a good plan. You're so right about getting more for your money!