Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Candidate for Juilliard

I swear Chloe could get a full scholarship to Juilliard with her most recent adaptation of a shakespeare character. During dinner last evening I told her she had to try at least one piece of chicken before she said she didn't like it. Finally she puts the piece in her mouth and begins to chew. She makes a face to spit it out I tell her not to and to swallow it. She gets this grimace on her face and proceeds to choke it down. Now when I say *choke it down* that's what I mean .. literally.
She begins to swallow and grabs her throat and makes choking and gurgling noises while throwing her head back. She continues to grab at her throat which looks as if she's trying to claw away at her neck to clear the poison. She acted as if she had just swallowed chicken coated in arsenic and acid.

I looked at Jim and shook my head and we both just lost it. And then she finished the rest of the chicken.

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