Thursday, July 23, 2009

My faith is surely being tested

I cannot even assemble words to explain what I am feeling at the moment. My brother-in-law. Jim's sister's husband had surgery to remove brain cancer on Friday and has been given 3 - 12 months to live. I can't fathom how SIL is feeling. I can only suppose it's like the world has fallen out from under her. Like she can't stand or move. Like she is drowning in nothingness. Because I can only imagine that that is what I would be feeling if I had gotten the same news today.

Tom is the guy that is willing to share what he has with you no matter what. Willing to give you the shirt off his back. Eager to lend a helping hand even if he just met you. Always quick with an interesting history lesson about some dumb piece of information or a joke to cheer you up.

And now it's like he's being taken away from us .. and he is. Too soon.

Today I feel glad that I don't spend my sundays in church praying for something that will never come.

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