Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our Little Trip to the Store

It was supposed to be quick and simple. Go in with A & C so they could pick their cakes design for Saturday's party. As soon as we arrive at the bakery counter Aedan starts climbing.. after a couple polite "please don't climb"'s I resorted to "get down or I'll smack you" . Chloe wanted the butterfly cupcake cake and took a bit of coaxing to get her to even look at the book. Got the Star Wars Cake and the Little Mermaid cake ordered. Then to pick out cupcakes for his Kindergarten class and get the rice krispies and marshmallows for his Day Care treat. Allergies prevent me from just sending whatever to Day care.

All through thee store they are running and yelling and choking each other and doing everything to drive me over the edge. I am sure I'm on the highlight reels at Giant threatening my kids with bodily harm.

So we get into the car and Jim really lays into them for not listening etc. So I tell them they are getting their asses beat when we get home and going to bed early etc. and Jim reiterates it. We run thru Sonic and after that are driving home. I'm fuming and I got an idea.

"Here's the deal " I say. "Do you want your ass beat or do you want to go to bed early?" "you pick."

In the dark of the van I hear a little voice say "I'll get my ass beat please"
At which point I look at Jim and we both crack the hell up..

Aedan chose early bed. Chloe will sell all her toys if it means she can stay up later.

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