Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's Report Card time.. I'm nauseous

It's not even my report card. I just printed Aedan's 1st ever Report Card. Kindergarten. It's really good considering it's only the 1st 1/2 of the 1st year of schooling. He's got alot to learn. My expectations are way too high I'm sure because I expected it to be perfect. I'm delusional. Multiple sets of rose colored glasses in the nightstand.

Of course he's going to have issues. Being my son alone qualifies him for Psychotherapy in a few years. The readin', writin' and 'rithmetic grades are what I expected.. pretty darn good. It's the "Quality of Learning" section that worries me. The subcategory of "Respectful Citizen" to be exact. One comment that made me cringe was "distracts others". I don't care if he's being a goof (to a certain degree, I pretty much expect it) but if he's doing it and causing the other kids to miss out on learning then there is a problem. You either get an S for Satisfactory or an N for Needs Improvement .. he's more on the N side than the S side when it comes to respecting others and their things, self control and being courteous and considerate. Super. I fast forward to the H.S. years in my mind and see him playing craps in the halls and bullying lunch money out of the other kids. Oh wait.. that was the hubby. Even better.. it's in his genes. Can I get a re-do ?

So tonight we will go over this report card and see where we can improve things. Now I'm nervous about the Parent-Teacher conference on Monday. I suppose it's simply because I don't want to hear bad stuff about my kid. Not sure anyone wants that.

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