Monday, May 3, 2010


I sit here almost every day and think to myself "I haven't written the blog in a while" and then I sit and try and come up with something clever and witty to write.. and I get nothing. My mind has been running in 17 different directions lately and I have trouble settling on one thought at any given moment.

We have so much going on in our house and lives lately that I'm finding it hard to stop and take a breath let alone find some time to myself. I've hit that spot that I fall into every so often where I feel as if I'm getting nothing done and that I'm drowning. I will eventually get past it but boy it really sucks while I'm dealing with it.

I need to start making my lists. Lists of things to do. Then I can cross the stuff off the list as I get it done. A rudimentary way of working things but hey it works for me. I like my lists. I live for a nice neat list with check boxes.

So for now I'll just do what I can to keep my head above water and hope things slow down enough for me to catch up.


Melissa said...

You do what you can to keep the big stuff going and let the little stuff slide- it's how being a mom works. :)

jackie said...

I was wondering what happened to you. I have misseg reading you! LOL Thanks fir the support, so I will return it to you. You are doing great. If youstrat to slip under the water I will throw you an anchor! LOL

Bethann said...

LOL.. thanks girls..

Jackie.. I'd hope you would toss me a life jacket and not an anchor..those things are heavy LMAO