Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wow.. that's not surprising.

Seems if you bitch and moan and yell you can earn back sick time around here.. after 20 years I'm just learning this. Well maybe it's not a reality for everyone. Maybe the person that does this is the only person that has the balls enough to actually argue with a superior about sick time used. You were out for 2 days after calling in sick. You get 13 days like the rest of us so you should now have (at most) 11 days left. we all get 13 days to use in a year for vacation, sick and personal time. How the F is that Fair ? (Ok.. there's that word again.. Fair. nothing in life is fair) I have seniority and I went from 2 weeks vacation with additional sick time to 13 days .. how the F is that fair ?

The f-ing work force can kiss my white irish ass.

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