Monday, August 22, 2011

It's sink or swim time

Not sure I can remember the stroke. We are at that time of year again where we start looking at bigger houses because we realize, once again, that we have outgrown our starter home. A starter home usually doesn't last 13 years and 3 kids.

We are bursting at the seams and it can't come at a worse time in the real estate market. This time we have found the perfect home. It's new construction, the perfect size, the perfect area.  We wouldn't have to pull out of the School district we love and Aedan could finish out the year in the school he is currently in if we happen to move in the middle of the year.

But.. yeah there is always a but. I'm nauseous just thinking about the $$. I worry that we will jump and then we will be struggling to pay our bills. And I'm worried we'll jump and our neighbors will hate us for moving. And I'm worried that we will start the process and then we won't sell our house which means we can't get the new house..

I suppose when all is said and done I'm scared of the unknown. I'm comfortable here simply because it's familiar and affordable and the kids have friends. Not because we all fit. I'm sick of rubbermaid bins everywhere.. and moving stuff to get to stuff. I want space. I want the kids to have a room of their own to play in so their stuff isn't taking over my living room. And I don't want arts and crafts and homework/school paperwork taking over my kitchen. I want to park my car in a garage and still have a place for the bikes and scooters and wagon etc. I want a laundry ROOM.. not a closet with my laundry scattered in the hallway constantly. I want to be able to host a family party without renting the community clubhouse. I want my own yard and be able to do with it what I want.

I want space. The new house would have space.

I think I just answered my own questions. Looks like it's go time.. I can only try . I'm not afraid of failing. It won't kill me. So step one is DIVE IN. I have my goggles at the ready...

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