Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day of School !!

It was kind of a letdown and it's all because of a mis-communication between the transportation department and the bus company. I had all my ducks in a row with Transportation.  But apparently they didn't line things up with the bus depot.

I was all excited with camera at the ready to get the shots of the kids coming off the bus after their first day of school only to be extremely disappointed, surprised, shocked and worried when first Chloe did not emerge from the bus. And then later in the day Aedan did not get off either.

I was worried about Chloe freaking out at a Day Care center that she hadn't visited yet, with people she has never met.  She of course got through it like a champ. Cool, calm and collected not even frazzled. Me ? I was pissed, and upset because I missed my photo op and I can't let anything go.

I specifically called transportation 3 days ago to make sure everything was in line for today and they were set up the right way. Apparently I was speaking jibberish.

Tomorrow the kids will each have a note in bold print telling the driver where they need to get off the bus. I hope that works or we have may have other issues.

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