Monday, August 3, 2009

The Latest and Greatest

Haven't updated in over a week due to vacation. :)
Vacation was fun and extremely exhausting. I now need a vacation away from the man and the midgets. Too bad I have a job otherwise I might be on a plane today headed someplace warm and relaxing. :)

Short version. We hit the beach everyday. Aedan loved it sand and water. Chloe loved the sand and a little water. She'd venture in up to her knees. Alexa loved only the sand ... screamed bloody murder if her toes even hit the wet sand let alone the water.

Ate way too many goodies and hit the boardwalk in Ocean City 3 times. All 3 kids enjoyed riding the rides and I even braved a few bigger ones much to the Man's surprise.. I'll never get on one of them again... but hey .. I did it without throwing up.

Alexa took a dive down the wood stairs. and luckily my niece caught her about 6 steps down so she had a fat lip and a bump on her head. No concussion thank goodness.

Brother in law is doing better and will hopefully be moved to Rehab today. We continue to pray and hope for the best for him and the whole family.

While on vacation the Man's Dr. called and left a message that they would like to schedule follow up tests from the CT Scan he had back in May. Of course my thought run straight to the negative. He called today and they saw a lesion on his liver too small to diagnose. So he goes next week to have an ultrasound so they can check the lesion and see what it's all about. Worrying here as I always do.

Last night we got a call from Daycare. The facility got flooded with about an inch of water from the horrid rainstorms we had. So no DC for them. I called and enlisted my niece to babysit today and tomorrow also. We have tube surgery for the Littlest Midget tomorrow. My biggest fear is that she will wake up overnight and want a bottle of milk and I won't be able to give it to her. So I pray she gets the 1st appointment for surgery and won't have to fast more than a couple hours.

I think that's it for now.

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