Friday, February 12, 2010

I've spawned an evil genius

Parent-Teacher conference. First thing is first. She hands me a lego star wars little person and tells me she had to take it from him that day. Wait.. that's not his. OK.. I remember him telling me when we got home earlier that his friend left it at Daycare so he took it to school to give it to him. He neglected to inform me that this kid is in like 4th grade and there was no way in hell he'd see him to give it to him at school. He was taking it out of his tote alot and didn't listen the 3 times she asked him to stop. Strike 1.

Then we start on the report card. I was worried with all the WP's but from what she said all those are because they just started learning that stuff and that is what they expect to see. Great. So he's not a slacker. She also says that there are a bunch of things that Aedan has PR's (Proficient) for that puts him ahead of everyone else. They expect the kids to have all PR's at the end of the year. She said "Aedan is extremely intelligent and when he is working he is very accurate and attentive". Also "he has some much potential beyond what he is doing now". So where's the catch you ask ?

His behavior. He is obsessed with fighting and blood and swords and ninjas. Now.. this is news to me because he does not discuss this or draw anything like this at home. Her opinion is that he is intent on getting attention from the other kids and he doesn't care if it's negative. Some of the kids don't play with him because he scares them. She flat out said he is not physically violent or intimidating. He thinks big kids are super cool and wants to be a big kid so bad he tries acting like one to be cool in the eyes of the kids his age. Unfortunately that has brought lying into the equation. He told his friends that he got an Xbox 360 and the game Halo. We couldn't figure out where he heard about Halo. (I'll get back to that) I informed her that we do not in fact have an Xbox or allow him to play such games or watch rated R movies. She figured that was the case but was concerned anyway.

He has most of his issues in circle time. WHen he has work to do at his seat he is fine and concentrates. Once Circle time hits and they are on the floor he starts goofing off.. So I'm considering a stress ball for him to hold while they are in circle time to keep his mind occupied on that and her.. so he doesn't stray. We'll see how that goes.

We have decided to go another route to try and curb this behavior. She will be sending notes home to me every day telling me if it was a good day or a bad day. He will help her decide what the note says before he leaves.

Oh and I found out the next day that a kid (also a Kindergartener) has a Lego Halo fighter jet thingy in his cubby.. Nice. Now I know where the Halo obsession came from. I informed Aedan that only people that are 18 and older can have Halo stuff. Because it is not for kids at all.

lordie.. what's next ??

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Sharon said...

I'm guessing it's a phase, Bethann. And there are much worse things in the world than spawning evil geniuses. :)