Thursday, February 18, 2010


I'm only blogging to save the people that haven't watched from having the show ruined. No need to spoil it for everyone..

I just finished watching Survivor Heroes vs. Villains. What the freak happened there? I mean really the Villains can works together and the Heroes cannot ?? There is something seriously wrong there. The Heroes need to check their egos.

With that said.. I cannot understand why no one said "let's get rid of James because he's an ass". He was rude and condescending.. and the previews for next week aren't showing him in a better light at all.. He may just be on the wrong team.

I am loving this season.. lots of drama and the Villains really are nasty. I need it at least twice a week. :)


OK.. now that I have some time. Stefanie is a whiner. But I'm not so sure she should have been the one to go at this point.. they need to be a TEAM and work together.. unfortunately.. they won' their egos are keeping that from happening. They are thinking too far down the road when they need to be thinking of winning the group challenges otherwise they won't be around to work their magic near the end.

As mush as I like alot of the Heroes and despise some of the villains I'd like to see Rob win.. He works his ass off and everyone else um... doesn't. Not Sure where Jeri is in this season.. except for showing up looking cute with the hat and red scarf. Courtney (the blonde) can go anytime.. I never liked that one..

I am wondering how Cirie made it to the Heroes side;.. truthfully.. I'd have put her on the other side.. LOL. but hey that's me.. I wouldn't be surprised if she made it pretty darn far.. everyone seems oblivious to her..

Seeing Russell and Rob get to the end and be up against Colby and J.T would be GREAT.. I want Amanda's ass handed to her as early as possible also.. I just don't like her and never have.. maybe she's too sweet for me.. either way, take her out

I'm coming to the realization that I may be on Team Villain when I thought I was rooting for the Heroes.. I suppose we can only wait and see how the cookie crumbles.. Tune in next Thursday ...


Christy said...

It's so funny how we are always on opposite sides when it comes to Survivor. I was so glad that Steph was booted tonight. She has always annoyed the snot out of me and I thought James was totally on point with what he said. Always liked Tom but didn't tonight. He was a real ass when he was talking about James in his monologue and Colby is just a weak idiot.

I can't believe I'm saying this b/c I always HATED HIM but I want Boston Rob to win. He deserves it more than anyone out there. Still hate Russell and hope he goes next week. Rupert and Cirie are as annoying as ever. Wish they would show more of the snarktastic Tyson b/c I effin' love that asshole.

Bethann said...

I still Partially agree with you Christy. Colby is a sap. But what I would have liked to see was some comraderie.. and maybe stand up for Stef.. James may have been right but he was way out of line as far as the way to treat a *teammate*. IMO of course.. LOL.. I don;t necessarily like the Heroes over the Villains I just wish they'd step up and work together.

Michele Bridgeman said...

Having watched every SINGLE episode in Survivor history (loser, I know)...I know that we LOVED Stephenie at our house but somehow she became annoying this season - it's all in the hands of the crafty editors. Stephenie HATES to lose (as does James, apparently) and was getting frustrated that the other team caught up with them. I guess she didn't think JT (who Evan and I love) was up to the challenge and was butting in when she shouldn't have. They should have been listening to JT - but she was talking over him. Not the best strategy. Regardless of Stephenie's faults during the challenge, James was being an absolute ass to her - and things didn't get any better when she was offering her "piece of advice" after her torch was snuffed. She should have walked off gracefully - but since James was being an ass, she couldn't hold her tongue even though she should have. Tom and Steph are tight and that's why he stuck up for her. I like Colby, always have - even though he's a total marshmellow of a dude (his body is still tight after all these years), and he was being a gentleman sticking up for Steph while James was ripping her a new one. Points to him as far as I'm concerned. But yeah...Tom wasn't really a "nice guy" when he was ripping James in his monologue. He was being a little dickish.

The bottom line is that the team isn't working together - at ALL. They're too busy worrying about their own end game and not enough about making it to the merge with the numbers needed to take off the villians one by one. Get rid of the weak players first and then worry about the annoying players.

But whatever. It's only a show and I have no financial investment in it. They're just trying to show that villianous behavior can come from even the "sweetest" of people if pushed too far.

Michele Bridgeman said...

PS - I'm also glad that I've been switched to day shift so I can watch the episodes live vs. taped. Woooo whooo. And I TOTALLY agree...twice a week would be awesome!!!

Tess said...

I love the Villians! I wish Richard Hatch was on too. I have to say last season I hated Russell with a passion... until he came back from behind over and over and over. Know I love him! But I do want to see Boston Rob beat him.

James was out of line but at the same time dead right. Steph felt whiney to me this time, and I've loved her in the past. But I felt like Colby and Tom acting like 'big brothers' constantly defending her, may not have helped them in the long run. But from the previews, James does look a little out of control will be very interesting to see if Tom can get the team shift... Cirie is still a force.... So glad to have found you girls to discuss this with!! :)