Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh what to do.

I've gotten the kids' Easter clothing in. Chloe is very excited to try her dress on and twirl. But wait.. is the zipper broken ? No. It's not going up so easily. Oh No. It's tight. I get it zipped and right around the middle it's a bit snug. I bought her a size 5 because let's face it.. she's no skinny minnie. Which is fine. She is 4 years old. But gosh darn it. A size 5 should not be tight. So now I start to worry about body image and childhood obesity. My mind is racing. What to do.. what to do .. I already have gymnastics class in the works but will that be enough to get her a bit healthier ? She is such a picky eater. Won't touch a single fruit or vegetable. Certain forms of the potato and tomato sauce are the extent of her veggie intake. So we just got her the V8 Fusion to get at least some into her system. I don't want to put her on a diet. Like I said she's 4. And I don't want her thinking she has to be skinny to be happy because that's not true either. She is active enough but her metabolism is ALOT slower than Aedan's which pretty much burns the food he eats as soon as it touches his lips.

I guess all I need to say is I'm worried. I don;t want her to have to deal with weight especially at such a young age. Someone needs to slap me and tell me she;s 4 she's allowed to be a little chubbier.. it's baby fat. I know this.. but the husband keeps pointing out the belly and giving me the concerned looks. Maybe I should just pop him and tell him I will worry when it's necessary. Or else I'll just take her on my 2 mile walks with the dog until it's nice enough on a regular basis to be outside an active again.. ugh... Spring can't come soon enough.

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