Monday, July 19, 2010

Oh Come Little Children

Let me contribute to the delinquency of the youth of today. Put me in front of a class full of 1st graders and attempt to teach them about Jesus, God and Hell. My own children know all about them. Simply because I yell "Jesus H. Christ, Godamnit and What the Hell " on a daily basis. I'm guessing that is not what the lady had in mind when she called me on Sunday and asked me to teach Aedan's 1st grade CCD class.

The funniest part of this whole situation? I think I want to do it. Yeah. Shoot me dead. I think I'd enjoy it.

There are some serious negatives. It's on a Monday night. After work. You have to have a lesson plan. The Priest and/or other *seasoned* teachers sit in and listen /watch while you teach. I am not a great public speaker at all. In front of a bunch of 6 year olds I'd be OK but geez do the adults have to come by often?? Really? If they have that kind of free time why can't they teach the damn class if they are so hard up for teachers ? There are also lots of meetings and classes etc. that the teachers are required to attend throughout the year.

Then there is that Catholic guilt. Aedan's class needs a teacher. I am his mother. I was asked to do it. So I should do it. One bonus is that I get Aedan's class for free. But does that cover all the stress I'll be dealing with?? I'm not so sure.

It doesn't help that Jim is saying I have enough to do with the 3 kids and my job and the house. But I think to myself that he's just worried he'll have to do more on Monday nights while I'm away.

I'm waffling but leaning more towards the yes side of the waffle. I'll weight the pros and cons a little more and see where I land.

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