Thursday, July 22, 2010

Death and God's Angels

I had to have the conversation with my older kids last night about death. It's the hardest thing I've done in a very long time. I didn't want to do it.

They know that Uncle Tom has been sick for a while. They enjoy visiting him, Aunt Peggy, Sierra, Tommy and Nikki. But I don't think they are ready to deal with death at all. I told them that Uncle Tom may die soon and that we will need to go to his viewing and his funeral and pray. Aedan and Chloe said "You mean Uncle Tom is gonna die for REAL?" I wanted to chuckle and say "No.. It was all a bad joke. Go back to playing." But I couldn't. Because he is dying. For real. So I had to tell them that yes he was for real. And that the cancer that made him sick was too strong and he can't fight it any more.

The conversation that followed with Chloe broke my heart but also made me proud because she does know what kind of man we are losing.

"But what happens when you die?" God makes you one of his angels.
"But how come?" Well because only the best and good people get to be one of God's angels and Uncle Tom is a really good guy right?
"Oh Yes!" Right so he will definitely be one of God's angels.
"And will we get to see him?" No.. but he will get to see you.

She seemed satisfied with that. But I'm not. It's too soon. What about everything he'll miss ? It's not fair.. forget about Life.. Death is not fair. Not fair to his family and everyone else that knows him losing him too soon.

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