Saturday, August 7, 2010

Losing my Mind

I had a great blog idea in my head last night and I get here and I'm ready to type it I have no clue what the heck I was going to write about. I know it was great. How could it not have been. I would have dismissed it immediately had it not been superb. :) I really wish I could remember what it was supposed to be about.

Last night I came inside with my drink in hand, took off my sunglasses did something else, told Chloe to get back outside and then proceeded to go back outside. Five minutes later the Man came out and asked if I meant to throw out my D&G sunglasses. "Um.. no. Why do you ask ?" "Well because I saw them sitting inside the trash can " he says. What the hell am I doing?

I can have a perfectly normal word on the tip of my tongue and then it's gone and I sit there trying to remember what I wanted to say for like 5 minutes. I think I should just get one of those teeny pocket thesaurus and keep tat in my pocketbook so I can refer to it when I have that problem.

Is it just age?? Is it the beginning of a nervous breakdown? It could be the latter due to the mental stress the kids put on me by simply not listening. OK scratch that last part. They are just pissing me off at the moment by talking back and not listening AT ALL. But seriously. I am at a loss for words (hahaha) as to what is going on. Luckily my long term memory is still fully in tact. Gotta keep those birthdays, weights, first steps, first dates , etc all in there because they are really important and where I store my sunglasses.. not so much.

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