Monday, August 23, 2010

So Cool

Yeah that's me. Well only because the temperature in my living has dropped about 20 degrees in the past 4 hours. And I'm loving it. The transition from summer to fall is my favorite. Moving from hot to cool and going back to school has always appealed to me. Maybe it's the newness of everything. The clean slate you get with each new school year. The smell of all the new pages in a marble copybook. The crisp clean air that blows through the windows on a lovely day. I just love everything about it.

Aedan started his fall soccer season today. In the cool rain. It was about 67 degrees and raining for his 1st practice which makes things interesting and fun and muddy. I like fall soccer. Sweatpants and a sweatshirt cheering him on and taking pictures with the beautiful fall foliage in the background. And not sweating or eating gnats the whole time. That is definitely a bonus.

We have a few more days til school starts and I'm starting to get excited for Aedan. He'll be a 1st grader. All day school with lunch. He'll be getting the bus from home this year thanks to my Mom so he can sleep a bit later and have a good breakfast before school. It's a wonderful thing. We went last night to get him new sneakers. Headed up to the outlets because I wanted Adidas shell toes to try and avoid an early sneaker death. So I find them and he was less than thrilled. He seems to have the Cosgrove boy sneaker gene. And if no one knows who the Cosgrove boys are and what that gene is I'll enlighten you. The Cosgrove boys are my cousins Paul and John. They like their sneakers. They liked them clean and new. They also liked them flashy. Meaning : patent leather and or dark /multi-colored. So he's sulking because the ones I tell him he has to get are white with navy blue stripes. BOOORING. So I make him a deal only because the sneakers are buy one, get one 1/2 off and he kills sneakers. If he has 2 pair they may last a bit longer. So I say, "If you try on and let me get the white ones you can pick another pair yourself." Deal. Oh boy.. I went on to regret that statement. He tries on and walks around. Great. He then shows me what he wants.....
Black and Red patent leather high tops with white stripes.
Um.. really?? Are you sure you don't want these other silver runners?? Or these red and silver cross trainers?? NO ?? You HAVE to have these ?? But they are BLACK and RED and SHINY. So I let him try them on. As soon as they were on the scene from a movie where some magic shoes makes the person wearing them dance everywhere flashes through my mind. He starts running around. Big shit eatin' grin across his face doing cartwheels and running up the walls doing half flips. I couldn't believe how damn happy he is just because of a pair of $17 sneakers that I hated. I no longer hate them as I can see how happy they make him. My only rule: You have to wear the white ones on the 1st day of school. :)

So now we only have a few more supplies to pick up in order to be ready for 1st grade. The rest is all emotional. Mostly for me, I'm sure he's ready.


Susan said...

I could just picture that scene. You're way nicer than I am. Although I'm trying a lot harder to ease up these days and let them make choices. I do draw the line at the 'ho outfits for Brooke though. LOL!

themanyadventuresofmelissa said...

Good for you on the shoes- gotta pick your battles. :)

I'm envying your cooler weather. We hit 100 today.