Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Need To Moonlight

At the Demolition Derby to get all my recent Road Rage out. It seems to get worse with age. Either that or other people's driving skills have seriously deteriorated in the past 10 or so years.

I have wanted to kill at least one person (and that is putting it lightly) a week on the road. They drive like maniacs cutting me off, speeding and simply ignoring the rules of the road. Simple drivers ed stuff.

Use your godamn turn signal people. Especially if you're gonna cut me off at 70 mph on the turnpike. I might not want to run you off the road if you at least signal before taking off my front bumper.

Drive the speed limit. Not 10 under and not 40 over.

Wait your turn. Don't ride the gravelly shoulder to pass the others that are waiting patiently. Don't pass the people on the onramp on their left and then proceed to BLOCK their entry onto the highway you stupid bitch in the white Murano.

Don't tailgate me dude.. I'm already going 10 over the limit.. you want to go faster feel free to pass me but I won't move for you because you're not the boss of me :) And if you get too close I WILL hit my brakes and cause you to hit me. I'd love to get rid of the minivan. Or better yet.. tailgate and flash the high beams.. that really makes my day.. I may even give you the secret wave on your way by.

And in closing, if you know a certain intersection is busy and has no light and you always need to make a left, strap on a set and go.. don't sit there waiting for a mile long space of no cars because that just makes me want to ram you into the intersection from behind. Otherwise go down the street to the light and make your left. You know it's there. It will take the same amount of time to get there as it does for you to sit here so just do that next time.

thanks and drive safely.

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