Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bad Bracket Mojo..

Just like in AC when they change your dealer it's all down hill when the organizer is switched up. A new guy organized the bracket pool this year. I went with my gut and picked a bunch of upsets.  Not unusual for me at all. What is unusual is the amount of upsets from the other teams.

The number of teams that got knocked off early, totally Effing up my bracket, is absolutely astounding. It could make a gambler cry. It almost made me cry when I saw Butler beat Pitt by 1 frickin point last night. 1 POINT.

I may have to (GASP) refrain from the money pool next year if the same guy is running the show because I truly think he Effed up my mojo. That is not to say I won't have a beautiful bracket filled out with my picks all ready to be circled and crossed off as they march towards the final four. But It will be for my own simple enjoyment and not for the almighty dollar.

Yeah.. who am I kidding.  I'm in it to win it despite my total lack of basketball stat knowledge. Therein lies my MADNESS. And I love it.


jackie said...

Plus he upped the price of the pool. coulda made $15 of the zapiens & instead only got $10! LOL

Bethann said...

and.... those crazy ass bonus points .. wtf is that all about ?!? I'm telling Bryan M. to do it next year or else.. LOL..