Monday, March 14, 2011

Holy Crap

Alexa will be 3 in a month. We've been battling with potty training for over 6 months. She is so damn stubborn we just couldn't find the magic bribe to get her to use the toilet. We'd put her in underwear and she'd wet them 10 minutes later. No embarrassment, no cares. Just a puddle on my wood laminate floor.

I finally broke down this past weekend and bought a potty chair for her. I figured if nothing else has worked why not try it. I hate them. I never bought one for Chloe so maybe that's why it took her so long to train too.. maybe I'm my own worst enemy.

I set the potty up yesterday. Alexa sat a few times but never went. Today while my Mother watched her she let her go bottomless. BIG MISTAKE. There was a puddle in my living room and then there was poop on the floor of my hall bathroom. That ended potty training with Grammy.

(This was followed by a phone call to my office asking me where the plunger was because the hall toilet was clogged. Apparently the wet wipes were used way too much and jammed up the works. Unfortunately (and I know this from past experience ) the only way to clear the pipes is the get your hands down in there and pull them out. Thankfully my Mother did just that and all is clear. )

Tonight she sat a few times and wanted to wear big girl pants. So I let her. I moved her potty into my living room to make it more kid friendly. She sat and peed almost immediately. Hi-Fives all around, a happy dance and a few pieces of candy later and she was back in her big girl pants. Fast forward a half hour. She saw Chloe go into the bathroom and followed. Next thing I know she is running half naked into the kitchen and telling me she went poop. Yep. She did it.

I am kicking myself for not getting this damn potty last year. Now I am keeping my fingers crossed that she can keep this up and not have too many accidents in the meantime.


Christy said...

High five, Alexa!!!

Potty chairs are a PITA but I think they are absolutely the way to go. (There was one in my van for emergency stops up until a few months ago!) I hope this is the breakthrough you needed and that you have already bought your last pack of diapers!

jackie said...

Awesome! Potty training is the pits. I think sometimes getting a diaper change may be the only time the little ones feel they have with mom & dad. Calvin was going on the potty at night for a while. But I was the lazy one not wanting to put the effort in. Until one day we had to make the decision. food or diapers! LOL And he did great. was very resistent to wear underwear...had to wrestle him into them. But the fact that I waited til after age 3 with both boys was good b/c it took less time!

Hope that Alexa keeps it up!