Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I did it all for the .. booze apparently.

About a week and a half ago I was in search of  my big wine glass.  As usual when I need something from the top shelf I had to climb to get it.  Got on the countertop as I have for the past 12 years and got the glass down. I jumped off he counter and landed on my leg/knee on the top of the open cabinet door below. My kids got a lesson that night that would make a sailor and /or trucker blush. My mother came out of the powder room yelling "what the hell happened!?" And then she sees me doubled over in pain crying and hopping around. The kids' eyes are bugged out because they rarely see me cry and they haven't heard those words before either.

After a bit the leg was pretty swollen.  A small scrape and a small bruise. I figured it would bruise for a while and then I'd be fine. I could walk, it didn't feel broken.

Well I was sadly mistaken. As the days progressed the bruise gravitated south and it was green and ugly.. After a day of getting in and out of my chair at work did a number on my knee. It would hurt like a mother.

So off I go to the Dr. Dr. gets an X ray. No fractures show on the X ray. So off I go to the Orthopedic Dr. to get it looked at. He orders an MRI.  Had that done today. Next step is to go back to see him and get my results.  I looked at the MRI CD. I didn't see anything sinister but hey I'm no expert.

All this excitement and money spent for a glass of wine. I've since switched to beer and cider. I keep that in the fridge. No climbing involved.

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