Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Potty Chair you Say ??

We apparently have a potty table. Some days I think I live in the jungle with the primitive people that can't speak a modern language or use utensils.Or make it to the potty chair even when naked.

The other night after bath I asked Alexa if she had to use the potty, she said no and ran off before I could get her diaper on. Usually she is in the other room. Not so on this fine night.  She reappears in my hallway trying to put on a swimmer.

Next thing I hear is Aedan and Chloe screaming that Alexa peed and "check her legs ! they are wet" So I corner her and check her. Sure enough I smell pee. I feel my blood pressure rising. Then they start yelling that she peed on the table.

Now let me say that all this is going on while Jim is in the shower. And that is better because he yells alot sooner than I do in these situations.  So I go downstairs to survey the situation because surely they can't be serious.  Oh.. but they are...

My damn end table (not a priceless antique by any means) is holding about a quart of urine. Wow. When that kid has to go she really goes. Little photo album. Soaked in pee.  Little play cake tray puddled with pee. Lamp.. sitting in pee. Pee foot print on my sofa from where she got off the table and jumped down.

You see.. she climbed on the table to get to the SWIMMER that she was trying to put on upstairs.

So I yell up to Jim to get a diaper on that kid PRONTO cause she can spring a leak at any moment.

Just a sweet little trip down memory lane.. or a 1/2 hour in my life.. feel free to visit anytime.. but bring beer.


jackie said...

thanks for the laugh Alexa!!!!!!

Sharon said...

There are a handful of times in my life when I am grateful for the fact that my Special Needs child will probably be in diapers the rest of his life.

This is one of those times. ;-)