Monday, March 21, 2011

Swimming in a Sea of Communicable Diseases.

We joined the local YMCA so that we could get the kids some swimming lessons in preparation for the upcoming swimming season and to try and get some workout time for Jim and I. Needless to say neither one of us has made it there to work out yet but that is besides the point. I'm physically injured so I can't even workout at home let alone in a million dollar facility.

We are in week 2 of the girls' lessons and Chloe is doing wonderfully. Took to it like a fish to water.  Yeah  it had to be said. Alexa, on the other hand, did not. Jim took her in for the 1st lesson and she cried most of the lesson and had his throat and other extremities in a death grip. I think he was purple at one point. I pointed and laughed from the side while cheering Chloe on. He looked at me and wished bad things upon me. I could tell. I still laughed.

Fast forward to week two.  It was turn to take Alexa in for her lesson. We figured we'd try to get there a bit early and swim as a family for a bit so she was comfortable in the pool before the lessons.  We are all in the pool hanging out and swimming, having fun. Alexa is dunking her head under. Aedan is swimming Chloe is racing her classmate across the pool. All is well. Until it was spotted.

Jim says "What is that ?"   I look around wondering what he is talking about. And then I see it. It HAD to be a large green snot. You know those dark green crusty ones that are stuck up there for a while and then come out all stiff. It floats by.  OH. My. God.  Totally creeps us the hell out.  We start seeing EVERYTHING. Even things that aren't there.  Jim says "forget what I said about maybe not getting a pool for our yard.. we are definitely getting that pool"  I find a corner bench seat in the pool and wait out the remaining 10 minutes before lessons start with my knees pulled up to my chest praying I'm not picking up 17 different diseases while sitting there. Yelling at the kids to "Stop opening your mouths! DO NOT SWALLOW THE WATER!!"

Then it's time for lessons. Alexa is pretty easy going. Then the instructions start and all hell breaks loose again. The crying and the clinging. But I handle it well because I have no pity. I threaten to take away her new favorite possession. The sparkle flip flops. So she stops screaming and starts listening. By the time the teacher says we can spend the rest of the class playing she is doing all the things she is supposed to have done. No longer clinging and I'm barely holding her. It turns into a wonderful lesson. Unfortunately after this next lesson it will all come to a screeching halt when she has to have Daddy with her again.. lord help us all.

Follow up to the icky water.. Chloe has been complaining her stomach hurts all day.. coincidence?? I think not.


jackie said...

LMAO!!!!!!!! Thanks, now I am not sure I want to send joey to swim lessons tonight. Last week the pool calvin was in had to be evacuated due to a pooper!

Joey was like Alexa...he would hold on so tight. But once he got to the level that he went in himself it was no problem. Sometimes i think that going in with them is worse. I am a sink or swim kinda gal, so one time i let go of Joey when he was jumping in & he threw up(outside of the pool thank God!)

Good luck!!!

jackie said...

P.S LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture!!!