Friday, October 9, 2009

Memory Lane

I've been feeling very nostalgic of late. Probably as a result of the phenomena that is Facebook. "Seeing" and being in contact with old classmates and friends has brought a smile to my face. Meeting up with them has and will be even more fun. It seems to me not much has changed except maybe everyone's physical appearance. I mean 20-some years can do a number on you when you aren't looking. I am evidence of that. And yet it's so easy to fall right back into the old relationship. I hope it continues to make me smile.

In talking with my Step-Mom last night we were discussing some movies that myself and my cousin watched over and over and loved. I decided to google one of our favorites movies and found that I could get it on VHS new for $51. What ?!?! Shipwreck! from 1978 was the most watched movie in my father's house. And we only got to see it because a co-worker of his taped it from HBO for us. It was a crappy copy at best. I can only imagine what it will look like when Susan digs it out of the basement cabinet. The thought of that movie took me back so many years to nights with a big aluminum mixing bowl full of air popped popcorn floating in melted butter. Those were the best nights.

Music is also taking me back lately. Mostly to College but every once in a while I get a flash back to my childhood when a song comes on the radio. It makes me crave more memories.

I'm starting to understand the grin that came across my parents and grandparents face when they were relaying a story from their own childhoods. Remembering makes people happy most of the time. The happy memories tend to shine a little brighter than the sad ones in the shadows of our minds.

All this has caused me to want to find out more about my ancestors. So I have a request in with my Mother to get as many names and birthdates/years of her family so I can start to research my roots. Should be interesting.

Now I need to go google a couple more movies to see if I can get my greedy nostalgic hands on them

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