Monday, October 12, 2009

Sharing Time

Now that school is in full swing I have to find new ways of getting information out of Aedan. He's not big on sharing most days. You have to practically pry the information out of him.

Last week was Fire Safety week at Daycare and Kindergarten. The fire house across the street from DC sent a truck and a couple firefighters over to talk to the kids etc.
We didn't hear much about it. Then yesterday when we were going out we saw the ladders extended at the firehouse. So I draw their attention to it. We asked Aedan if they did that when they came to his school. No .. buuutt, we got to sit in the front seat of the fire engine and then we went into the burning house. Wait. What ?!? Apparently they have this mobile home or something like it that they put the kids in and then "fill it with vanilla white smoke". They have to get down and practice escaping the burning building. He thought that was very cool.

Then last night he put a blow pop on the counter.
I said "Where did that come from?"
He says "OH. I got to pick from the treat box"
Me- "Why?"
He replies, "Because I guessed the smelly hands flavor"

*scratching head*

"OK. What is smelly hands?"

"well. it's like lip gloss but not lip gloss. We put our hands on top of our head and Mrs. G rubs the gloss on there. We sniff it and have to tell her what flavor it is. If we get it right we get to pick from the treat box. "

Oh well that explains it.

I'll need to check in with him more often and bug him for info so I don't miss any more smokey houses and smelly hands.

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