Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Well check

I had Alexa's well check on Monday. This child can warm up to anyone if she is well rested, fed, and given some time. None of which is usually the case when we go to the Dr. We only manage to get the appointments that fall right around dinnertime. So she is usually miserable. And if she isn't miserable going in.. she does the 180 when we are in the exam room and the nurse looks at her. I was smart this time and wore a short sleeve shirt so that I wasn't overheating while she clung and screamed and literally tried to climb inside.
She is 24 pounds and 6 ounces at 18 months. She is about the same as the other two at this age but she is much thinner simply because she taller than they were. Two Immunizations, a flu shot and some serious screaming later she is growing nicely and everything looks great says Dr. McW.

Now if we could just work on her people skills we'd be A-OK.

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