Tuesday, October 27, 2009

1...2...3.. strikes you're out at the ol' ball game !!

I can't tell you how long I've enjoyed the game of baseball or should I say watching the Phillies play the game of baseball. All I know is that I have never enjoyed a season as much as this one. Maybe because the Phils are the champs.. I just don't know..

So when I see articles like this I get a little punchy and want to call someone out..

NY Post Mocks Phillies as "Frillies"

You don't want to get into a pissing match with the Phillies' fans.. you will always lose..

Just know that come Wednesday my ass will be parked in front of my TV praying that the Phightins hand the "Wankees" their ass on a fine silver platter. Phils in 5..

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