Monday, March 15, 2010

Gymnastics Drop out.

I took CHloe to Gymnastics at the end of February so she could try it out and see if she'd like to do it every week until the weather breaks. Once it's nice we are outside ALL THE TIME so running and exercising aren't an issue. Anyway, she enjoyed that first class so I dropped the $75 (class for a month and Registration fee) and the $$ for 2 leotards because she had to have them too.

Jim took her the following week and she had a good time til some little witch told her she was ugly and not pretty. This little person is named Sara.

So last week she had a fever and we come to find out she has strep so she can't go. We'd need a makeup for that one.

Jim takes her tonight for her 2nd official class and she refuses to get into line and join the class. So much so that she started crying and pulling at her face so Jim brought her home. No need to torture the kid . So we eat the $$. We've blown more on exercise equipment that was never used. She comes home and I guess that the only reason she doesn't want to go is because Sara is there. I'm hoping that if we tell her enough that she can't let one mean little person keep her from doing something she likes it will make sense and she'll want to return. Lord.. I hope that lesson kicks in. I really think she liked it.. but because of that one damn girl it's ruined.

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Sharon said...

Sara sounds just awful! Big hugs to your sweet Chloe!