Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So darn self centered

I realized even as I type this blog about my life that it's all about ME. My FB status, this blog, everything.. In my normal daily life I don't really put myself first at all. At least I don't think I do... I'm too busy putting everyone else first. Making sure everyone in my family is fed, clothed, clean, happy. Using my gift cards to dress the kids in the nicer clothing so when we go out I look like a schlub most days while they are decked in Gymboree etc.

As someone on the outside looking in and using only this blog and FB as a measuring gauge I'd look pretty damn self centered. I'm not.. really.

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jackie said...

i dont think it is self centered at all. Where/when do we moms get the chance to air our issues/good news, etc w/o being judged? every other part of our lives is family & othe obligations!