Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where does he get this stuff ?

In our rush to get out the door this morning I had the kids ready and at the front door while I ran upstairs to grab a scarf. As I'm approaching the stairs I hear Aedan and Chloe talking by the front door. I stop to listen because the look on Chloe's face shows this is good stuff.

Aedan - "You know what the bad guys do when they steal you? They do this *making a gun with his fingers and points it at her* They want to shoot you and kill you"

Me - " WHAT!!!!!!! (in the loudest scream they've heard this morning First of all .. where did you hear that ?!? That's not true! And 2nd .. What do we do if a stranger tries to talk to us ?? We run screaming away from that person, Right !?" "We never talk to strangers and always remember... big people don't need help from kids for anything so if they say they need help to find their puppy or whatever.. say no and run screaming"

Five minutes later they had forgotten about it but Jesus H Christ... I do not need that crap so damn early in the morning.

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