Wednesday, October 8, 2008

No Sleepovers... just yet

I did not go through fertility treatments, experience a miscarriage and give birth via c-section to 3 children to simply hand them over whenever someone wants to babysit or keep them overnight. Sorry. I mean geez.. they are 4 and 2. Why must they sleep over? and why would you *want* them to?? They get up before 7 every day and Miss Thing avoids sleep at bedtime like the plague. I realize you offer simply to give me a break.. but truthfully.. I knew what I was signing up for. So while I appreciate your thoughtfulness.. I'll have to decline.

I like having them at home with me. I don't want to part with them overnight yet.. they'll have plenty of time for that when they are like 20.. They are only little once so I think I'll keep them with me as long as they'll have me. I know once they hit the teen years they will be embarrassed simply by my presence so let's not rush things.

As much as they can drive someone to alcoholism I still would rather spend the day with them than anyone else. I've had my moments when I was curled up in a corner bawling my eyes out just because they've pushed me over the edge. ( Namely Mother's day 2 years running.. but we won't go there now) I still look forward to tucking them in at night and waking up with a toddler poking me and standing 2 inches from my face. Or getting Miss Alexa from her crib where she is so darn happy that it's morning that she has this big gummy grin and her legs are going a mile a minute until I pick her up. After 4.5 years I still rely on my body to wake itself up so I can go around and check and tuck at 2 am. to make sure the wiggle worms are still in their beds, or at least in their bedrooms. It's my job and I still take pleasure in it.

So as much as I'd like to sell them to a circus some days I'd still like them back in time for nighty night. So for all you nutjobs that have asked if my kids could sleep over..... No.... for now anyway.

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