Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Things I enjoy

It's odd how certain thoughts come to me.. in the bathroom.. while driving etc.
I just had a thought of how much I enjoy the feel of a beautiful autumn day. The sun shining on the multicolored leaves and the crisp breeze. Of course I came upon this thought while in the bathroom but hey that doesn't matter. Right?
I enjoy the belly laughs I get from my kids when I tickle them in just the right spot and how it is contagious. And the way their hair smells when they are fresh and clean.
I really enjoy being pregnant. Seriously. The whole kit and kaboodle. If I had the balls to do it I might consider surrogacy. My problem would be handing over the baby in the end.
I enjoy a nice bloody filet. Ahh.. the carnivore in me will never give up the red meat.
I enjoy catching up with old friends and current friends. Even if it is only via email.
I enjoy listening to Chloe totally massacre her ABC's simply because she's trying her best.
I enjoy having the kids jump into bed with Jim and I on a cold winter morning just to watch TV.
I enjoy the closeness my whole family has. Even my parents who are divorced and remarried. Everyone gets along so nicely to the point where my Mom is invited to my Dad's house for family stuff and vice versa. Never thought that would happen. But it did and we (my siblings and myself) are very thankful for it.
I enjoy the smell of wood burning on an autumn evening.
I enjoy any day at the Jersey shore.. even in a monsoon there is nothing better than a day at the shore.
I enjoy a back rub from my husband when he's doing it just to be nice rather than when he's trying to get lucky.
I enjoy the result of a good deep house cleaning even if it makes me exhausted.

There are so many other things I enjoy that I could go on and on and on but I won't.. because I also enjoy brevity. :)

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