Friday, October 3, 2008

The South Philly Squatters

This is the title myself and closest neighbors have inherited in our 11 years living in our cul-de-sac. Not sure who coined the phrase but it was uttered to another neighbor during a trip to the salon. She in turn relayed the nickname to us. So we have been trying to figure who had the balls to say it in the first place.. we're figuring it's an older neighbor that has to slow down to drive through our *curb parties* every night just to get to her garage. We think she made the mistake of saying it to an ex neighbor while the Ex was cutting her hair. Now this Ex was a miserable piece of work while she lived there so we are glad she is gone. LOL. Seems she is still miserable from what I hear.

Anyway.. the reasoning behind the nickname is because every night (as long as it's not raining) we hang outside on the curb watching our kids play. Because we are responsible parents. And because some neighbors find it necessary to come flying into the court at full speed without care as to who may be in the street. So it's *game off* when we see someone coming.

We have a grand old time.. hanging out playing ball or whatever with the kids and drinking.. :) There are at least 4 of us and we can easily get up to about 7 or so.. these are aduts of course. The children ranging in age from Alexa's 6 months all the way up to 13 are all running around like nuts and playing. So we stay outside to keep our eyes on them and enjoy each other's company.

I'm not sure why being outside and keeping an eye on your kids is considered a bad thing? Maybe these people wish they were a part of our curb parties?? We'd gladly invite you in if you so choose. We don't deny membership. It may cost you a couple beers every once in a while.. but other than that no dues.

Halloween is coming up.. oh boy it's a blast in our development The kids could easily hit over 100 houses in a matter of a couple hours. And we light the fire pit in the driveway of another neighbor, sometimes pull a TV into the drive if a good football game is on and just generally have a blast. We could be out there til 10 pm or later depending on the weather and our beer supply.

You may think we are offended that we have been given that nickname but we revel in it. We're actually considering T-shirts. We are known to give other neighbors nicknames also, depending on their personalities.. we have the "fuds" because the 2 twins remind us of Elmer Fud, Stickman (cause he was soo skinny and pale), 50 Foot Woman, Crash ( he's the one in a car accident every other month), oh and The Hooch (younger girl renting the house with gentlemen callers at all hours of the weekend) and a few others...

So, call us what you will but we enjoy ourselves and keep our children safe and happy outside rather than inside tearing the joint up. And watch yourself or you may end up with a nickname from us one day.


Christy said...

I love it! My Gram has lived in S. Philly all her life so I know that there is no kinder neighbor than South Philly folks. That's a compliment to your crew even if it wasn't meant as one. Definitely get shirts with it on there. Better yet, beer cozies!!!

Jackerz said...

That sounds like us here on Rambo st in Bridgeport! We also give the neoghtbors nicknames. Sometimes we often think we are mean, but honestly this is our turf 7 we protect it! we complain about the parking & crazy renters!