Friday, March 13, 2009

Easter and it's trappings

yes.. I suppose when you have children EVERY holiday can eventually involve gifts. But Easter ??
I recall as a child *maybe* getting a pair of earrings in my basket as I got older. But other than that.. chilled, hard boiled & dyed eggs and enormous amounts of candy. It was special candy too. Like large hollow Chocolate eggs with my name scripted in icing on top and filled with jelly beans. Aaaah the good old days. But I digress. Nowadays Easter ranks up their with Christmas and Birthdays in my house. Gifts and candy galore. I will have to tally up all that is spent this year at Easter. Between the clothing, baskets, gifts and candy.. Heck the clothing alone is already over $200. *gulp* And I have yet to get shoes for all 3 children. This year the 2 older children will recive Circus Tickets from the Easter Bunny in their baskets. This is in addition to whichever DVD has just been released, toothbrushes, little toys that will eventually get chucked like the happy meal crap, candy out the wazoo, bathing suits, sunglasses and flips or crocs. Yikes.. I'm scaring myself.

when did the easter basket go from suagry goodness to the national debt ??

As if that's not bad enough ?? They get something from all the grandparents and also from some aunts and uncles. This is all topped off by the easter egg hunt that brings with it more candy and money.

I just look forawrd to the egg whites and the brunch .. hahaha..

ooh and my Dad's homemade saurkraut perogies. Which reminds me that I have to remind him that I want to attempt some on my own this year.. my share of the dozens that are made is piddly and I need more, especially since they only come along once a year... as long as he is willing to part with my Grandfather's recipe. :) Heck... maybe I should go directly to the source and get it from Poppop instead. Now there's an idea.

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Michele Bridgeman said...

I just go for one little gift and the rest candy, eggs, and chocolate. Don't get too crazy with it. We have to look for ways to cut corners and cut costs. It'll break the bank. I'm looking forward to the annual Easter Egg hunt - either in the front yard or the basement again. I will be really sad when that ends and Evan is no longer into it. Just cherish the memories. It doesn't have to be about what new thing they get. Deep breaths. We'll all get through it!!!