Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stupidity and Selfishness affects everyone

Seriously.. how stupid can one person be? It's to the point where the level of incompetence is affecting others. It's amazing some people can hold a job.. hell it's surprising that they actually make it to work everyday.

But the topper is this. The economy is hitting everyone hard. We were busy because everyone is scrambling to pick up work. We have since slowed down a bit. Here is the selfish part. In order to keep busy and not have to do the grunt work certain people like to grab up all the work and *hide* it on their desk all day so that they are busy without having to pick up and help with the *busy* grunt work. That really chaps my khakis.. So I have decided to be the opposite and let her do all the work. Even the crap that she deems less worthy of her attention and leaves for us minions.. I will leave alone and simple file to keep busy. She wants it she can have it.

Petty you say?? Truthfully.. I really don't give a damn.. some days I live to be petty

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