Friday, March 27, 2009

Yeah I have tattoos.

What's it to ya ?? To look at me would you consider that I have tattoos ? I have to admit. I love them. I've curbed the addiction moreso than my husband in recent years. I have chosen to spend my extra cash on fancy clothes for the kids. I have 5 tattoos currently. With a large one in the works for the future. I am going tomorrow to make an appointment for as soon as possible to get the girls' initials added to one I already have with Jim, Aedan's and my initials. But the one I'm working on will be quite large so it may take 2 sittings. And I have yet to figure out where to put it.. I attempt to keep them slightly hidden in regular clothes. And our guy is so good he gets booked up months in advance. Anyway.. I haven't had a new one since 2004. So I'm jonesin' for some fresh ink. :) So we are off tomorrow to set up an appointment. :)

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