Friday, March 6, 2009

V Day

Today is the day. The end of an era. And yet the start of something nice. No more birth control. Yippee.. no need to get all hormonal every month or gain extra pounds. Now it's not like I've been on it forever.. I took it in my early 20's and once we started trying to get pregnant I stopped taking them. I hadn't taken them again til this past October.. that was 8 years of nothing but Jim taking care of things. After I got pregnant with Aedan I didn't get back on them simply because we couldn't get pregnant if we tried, so why worry. Anyway. It was nice not having to worry about all that. And so it shall be again in about 6 months when we are sure it *took* .

As nice as it will is still bittersweet as I look at a picture of Alexa in the hospital and how I would love (with my heart) to have another even though my head says no way. :)

Now I have to listen all weekend to my husband moan and groan about pain etc. even though I literally cannot remember a single time after 3 c-sections ever moaning about pain even when my incision burst. I'm thinking I should have saved myself the trouble and had the tubes tied while they were in there pulling out the last babe.. ugh..

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Christy said...

That's exactly why I had my tubes tied after the section last week -- one stop shopping, so to speak, and it saved me from listening to Tommy Boy moan about his aching man parts.

I totally get the bittersweet feeling. Bonnie isn't even 2 weeks old and I see her changing, growing, and it makes me want another baby! It's hard to imagine ever feeling done but it sounds like we both made the right decision for our health and the sake of the children we already have. GL and keep the frozen peas on hand for the weekend!