Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dining with The President

Today had some ups and downs. We woke up and went to breakfast at the diner in celebration of Daddy's birthday tomorrow. The service sucked and the prices have skyrocketed since the oroginal owners sold out. Anywhoo.. the food was decent. So we rush home to get ready for Miss Moo' s 1 year pics. OH back up.. she banged her forehead on my dresser 10 minutes after she woke up so I was hoping that the red mark went away. It's black and blue now. It didn't show up in the pictures which is fine. But the pictures themselves left a lot to be desired. No smiles from "Little Miss Stranger Danger". We managed a few decent ones and after refraining from selling my older 2 to a passerby we got out of the mall with some picstures and one of Alexa with the Bunny.. the other 2 wouldn't sit so he ain't leaving them a basket this year. So anyway we go home for a bit and get a nap in Alexa before heading out to dinner at Red Lobster. We only go there once a year because I don't do seafood. But the hubby loves it so I succumb to the pressure and take him for his birthday or father's day . The entire drive there I am threatening the older 2 with bodily harm if they behave as they did at the mall. We sit. I look at the children's menu and ask Aedan if he wants crab legs. He enjoys eating crabs with my Dad so why not give it a try at dinner. So I order the chicken caesar salad, Jim gets some trio and Aedan gets the snow crab legs. We wait. I shove cheddar bay biscuits into Alexa to keep her content.. Aeddan looks over at a table of patrons and says "hey Mom.. look the president is here. " I turn and no Barack Obama is not at the Pottstown Red Lobster. So I assure Aedan that it is not the president and stop staring. Food comes.. I help Aedan with breaking open his crab legs and he eats every little piece of meat possible out of those legs that he can. I was so happy that he enjoyed his meal. Everyone did. Even Chloe with her 2 french fries enjoyed that and the coloring pages. For once.. in a long time we had no drama and no yelling. The President's table was a loud one so I wasn't sweating that we'd be too loud for everyone.. I didn't even break a sweat.. it was a wonderful dinner out to celebrate Daddy's birthday! :) Now onto Miss Alexa's 1st Birthday party bonanza next Saturday.. should be fun.

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