Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Keeping up with History

Well at least my childrens' histories.. I've slacked off a bit with Alexa's baby book. I kept Aedan's out in the open for the 1st year so I could update it often. Chloe's was kept somewhere close to update every so often. Alexa's... I haven't updated probably since I came back to work. *bag over head* I have so much to update with regards to milestones and pictures.

I love pulling out all their photo albums throughout the year just to enjoy the baby faces and remind myself of when they were little babies. They look so different from year to year.. and truthfully they each have their own personality and looks. Every once in a while you'll glance their way and it will remind you of a grandmother or brother etc. But for the most part they don't resemble anyone totally.

I have trouble closing Aedan and Chloe's baby books up because of everything shoved in there.. keepsakes, balloons from the hospital and 1st b-day, cards from various holidays etc.

With Alexa's 1st birthday fast approaching I am reminded to keep her history alive as well. So I will pull out her keepsake box and update her baby book tonight with fancy colors and stickers and pictures so she knows that she was not the forgotten 3rd child. :)

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