Friday, June 19, 2009

Friends I've never met.

Over the course of the past oh.. say about 10 years I have participated in a couple website message boards. They were resources for me to find women who, like myself , were trying to get pregnant and looking for information. This soon turned into a place to fret and complain about NOT getting pregnant. And then a resource for infertility followed by miscarriage. It became my refuge and a place where I always had support and someone who knew how I was feeling and would offer a cyber shoulder and some hugs when things weren't great. All of these women went through the most trying times in my life and also the most joyous. They are all true friends and yet I've never sat and had a drink with them. Well all except one lovely lady that lives near me. :) I consider them my friends and refer to them as that in conversations. I value their friendships and I hope that one day I can meet them in person so I can give them a real hug. I so wish I could chat their ear off while sharing a wonderful conversation about our lives and having a cocktail while watching our children play together. These women know me in and out and like me anyway. :) Maybe because there is no expectations. We expect nothing from each other .. just an ear when we have something to say and a little hug now and then. Some days we can have each other in tears from laughing so hard and then the next day we are commiserating about one thing or another.

It's a wonderful setup .... except I want to hang out with my friends. So someday everyone from Canada, to California to Texas and Georgia to North Carolina, and England will hopefully meet up and have a blast !


Anonymous said...

:) Back at ya!

Anonymous said...

Yeah that! ((Hugs)) All the way from England :-D