Thursday, June 11, 2009

She's no dumb blonde.

She may be a natural blonde but she amazes me daily. She has backslid on the whole potty training issue and yet other things are mastered and continue to improve.

We were all at the Dr. yesterday for Chloe and Alexa. Chloe is sitting on the table with Alexa and she's reading her a Dora & Diego book.. so I start pointing to things and asking her what they are etc.

As a test of sorts I pointed to the page number... "what's this ? " "Seventeen" My jaw drops in astonishment.. so figuring it's a fluke.... I turn a few more pages.. and point again.. "Twenty Four" ... Um.. OK.. try again out of order in case that's how she knows them.. gets them right every time.. although she hesitates on the 6 and 9 numbers..

I tell her she is awesome and give her a high five.. wow.. I knew she could identify colors and shapes and some letters.. but at the age of 3 recognizing double digit numbers is pretty advanced in my mind. I'm not even sure Aedan can do that.. looks like we have a test tonite for Aedan. See what he's learning these days

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