Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wiggle it..just a little bit...

During our before bed tooth brushing session last week I noticed a new tooth coming up behind Aedan's lower front baby tooth. I pointed it out to him and he was excited. He ran down to show his Daddy, who then proceeded to tell him that that baby tooth better fall out or else he'll need surgery so that his teeth stay straight. Now what freaking grown man purposely tries to scare a child like that?? My husband because he simply doesn't THINK before he speaks. I told Aedan to ignore him and put him to bed. I then went downstairs and ripped Jim a new one. He conceded that he was wrong.. Damn skippy buddy so keep your trap shut about things you do not know. So in the days that followed the baby tooth is all wiggly. Aedan had a dentist appointment last week for a cleaning. The dentist said that the new tooth is fine and to keep wiggling the baby tooth so it will fall sout soon because they don't like to leave it for more than a couple weeks. I filled both Aedan and Chloe in on the benefits of losing a tooth and how the tooth fairy comes. Chloe wanted to know if she was nice and I told her that the tooth fairy is indeed nice .. she leaves money for your old teeth.

So for now we wiggle and wiggle hoping it comes out on it's own and hoping that he doesn't swallow it by accident.

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