Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not too Far Off

Kindergarten that is. The Boy starts kindergarten on August 31st. Not too far off if you ask me.. most of the summer left and yet just around the corner. I'm starting to get nervous for him. A new school.. a couple kids he may know from soccer .. at least I hope. We'll hopefully see some friends at Open House in August. I'm nervous for him being at Day Care for the mornings and then nervous for him getting on that bus to go to school and nervous about being at school and coming home on the bus. I'm just nervous about it all. Tomorrow is an appointment to visit the Day care where he will spend his mornings. I hope he likes it because it would really suck for him if he didn't like it. :( They only have one spot left so I need to get my fee in to hold that spot. It's the ideal spot for us because I drive past it on the way to our other day care and work every morning.

I just get very nervous with him being up there near home and so far away from me during the day. Luckily I have 2 wonderful people on the emergency contact list that can be there in seconds. :)

As nervous as I am that is how excited he is. He had no problems on orientation day going on the bus with the other kids and going to his classroom with the teachers. He is very excited to be going there and then to my neighbor's house for 45 minutes after school. I just hope I can get excited soon. My stomach is all topsy turvy just thinking about it.

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