Thursday, June 11, 2009

Worst Nightmare

Any (sane/normal) parent will attest that their worst nightmare is something happening to their children. My own worst nightmare came to fruition on Tuesday. As I was packing up to leave work at 4:10 A call came in from Day Care. It was Chloe's teacher Miss Becky so I assumed it was her allergies. I answered the phone and she told me who she was and then passed the phone to Miss Stefanie, Alexa's teacher, who is a bit upset. She manages to blurt out something about a temperature of 101.6, Alexa going still and stared at the ceiling and then her eyes rolled back into her head and she stared seizing. At this point she's crying and so am I. She said she cleared her airway and they called 911. I told her I'd be there in 5 and hung up.

As I was crying and driving over to Daycare the paramedic called my cell. He asked what hospital I preferred and we went over a bit of family history.

I got there and RAN past all the emergency vehicles into the school. I immediately see a paramedic carrying her from the back classroom to leave. She seems out of it and doesn't even acknowledge me. Which is NOT like her. We get out to the ambulance where I give my van keys to the director and tell her that my Mom would be there for the other 2. And off we go.

Finally after a bit in the cold ambulance and her without clothes Alexa starts to *wake up* . Her blood sugar is checked and that is fine.

We get to the ER and go directly back to a room. That is where she realizes I'm there and wants only me. I hold her until they need to start working.

I had calmed down and held myself together pretty well even after the Dr. suggested that a spinal tap would need to be performed if other tests didn't come back they way we needed them to.

A failed catheter attempt, 3 only partially successful iv attempts before they blew the veins. They got just enough blood to test. And they couldn't give her iv hydration because they couldn't manage an iv. And the whole time she screamed and screamed while myself and Jim comforted her and held her down. This is when I broke down again. While my 14 month old is fighting like you wouldn't believe to get away and me and her father are holding her there so they can torture her some more.
They got some motrin into her at one point, got some juice into her and after 5 hours she was released with a diagnosis of an ear infection. She got a strong antibiotic injection in each leg and we were sent home with instructions to get the ammoxicillan Rx filled and keep the tylenol and motrin going back to back every 4 hours.

All of this because of the gosh darn ear infection. My child's life and my own happiness flashing before my eyes.. because of a damn ear infection. Every time from now on that a child of mine gets any fever .. low or high I will suddenly be on alert worrying what could come next.. fun times.

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Christy said...

Good Lord, Bethann, I felt shaky just reading that! Thank God she is okay. I can't even begin to imagine how you made it through that.