Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Humiliation at Age 5

And it made my blood boil. Our street is a big circle with an "island" of grass and trees in the center.. pretty large. The kids in the court play on it daily. Sunday night Aedan was playing with S, K & E. All older kids.. S=13, K=9 & E=11. The other kids were playing elsewhere. All of a sudden I hear Aedan crying.. So I get up an start to go over .. Sam comes running over and says that E & K pantsed Aedan. Pantsed = pulling down of pants for embarrassment. Only this time his underwear came with the shorts. So I look over and Aedan takes a swing at her (E) and laughs. K's parents immediately yell at her and send her inside. E disappears. Her parents are out so I can't go talk to them. Not to mention her dad is a real a$$ and is the subject of many discussions about drunk driving and drug use. Not to mention car accidents and lawsuits. But that's a whole other story. Anyway.. if they were home I wouldn't go there by myself to complain because he's huge. We soon find out from Aedan that K in fact did NOT take part so she's off the hook. Aedan seems unshaken even though I know it had to be embarrassing for him if he cried. So playtime with E is off limits from now on.. She's always been a bit sneaky but she was nice to him so we over looked it. No more.

Jim comes home Monday night and marches down to the house. Talks to the Dad and the Dad calls her down and asks her what happened. She claims Aedan did it to her twice before she did it to him.. I don't think so.. I have 2 other kids saying she told Aedan to stand up on the stool so she can show him something. Little witch. We'll see how funny she thinks it is when she is the one platying all by her lonesome this summer. Because now K can't play with her either.

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