Friday, June 26, 2009

Put the Kibosh on Naps

In preparation for Kindergarten the Preschool/Camp Teacher has removed nap time from the daily routine. All I can say.. Oh no ! Aedan can hang with the best of them without a nap. As long as there is no car ride in the mix. Since camp has started and the schedule without naps Aedan falls asleep in the car on the way home at least 4 out off 5 nights a week. He plays hard. If he didn't have that boring car ride home he would be OK and not fall asleep. But since the commute home is approx. 35 minutes on a good night he can have a cat nap.

Last night was the worst. He spent all day at the park with his class. In the heat and sun so naturally he falls asleep. We get to the hairdresser and I wake him up and leave him with Jim for the haircut. I take the girls home and in 10 minutes the boys arrive home. Aedan still has bushy hair and he storms to his room. Apparently he had a total and utterly embarrassing meltdown in a salon full of women. Swimming, outside time and fireworks viewing next weekend were taken away til further notice. I had my own appt. a 1/2 hour later. So I had a talk with him.. He had to apologize to Jim, and Angela (hairdresser) and if he went with me to get his haircut the restrictions would be pulled. He agreed. And the rest of the night was peaceful and happy.

I understand the nap removal is to prepare them for kindergarten and it's better to start now so he's ready in September but damn.. I don't like seeing my kid flip out like that due to lack of sleep. Not to mention he has picked up bad habits, for use during the meltdowns, from a certain child (Eddie Hascal type) in his class that I truly do not like and is considered unacceptable behavior in my house. Calling oneself Stupid, saying I hate myself and smacking your own head is beyond unacceptable and I am angry that he has picked that up.. We have had multiple discussions about it and every time he pulls it at home he has to go to his room. We don't use the word stupid or hate.

I just hope that as of August 31st he is ready for a full day and we can avoid these meltdowns.

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