Friday, April 3, 2009

Boy.. I'm worthless these days

I was coming here to whine and moan about how crappy a mom I am. Then I stopped over a t a friend's blog and saw that she also is feeling less than stellar in the Mom dept. these days. Must be contagious.

I used to pride myself on how organized and put together I was. Everything done on time. House clean (if not uncluttered) and ahead of the game with upcoming events. Between work, the housework, the 3 kids, and the extra-curricular commitments I don't feel as though I have time to breathe let alone get it all done. I make myself lists constantly just so I won't forget the simple things. Even that's not working. I feel so .. what's the word?? ... deficient? lacking? unqualified? who knows.. all of the above ??

To feel like I've gotten something accomplished and no pressure would be lovely but I don't see that coming anytime soon. Relax ?? Yeah not gonna happen. I sit down for the 1st and fold laundry at 9 every night.. my body has gotten to the point where it doesn't know HOW to relax.

I have a girl's night out planned.. the kids will be in bed before I leave but damn if I don't already feel guilty about going out and doing something for myself. . in 2 weeks. .. for maybe 3 hours..

what has become of me ?

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