Friday, April 24, 2009

TGIF ????

Not so sure.. I mean sure.. I am glad it's Friday. Otherwise I'd have to figure out when to get all my chores done during the week instead of the weekend.
It's not a super day . I am still dealing with bronchitis and it seems to be getting worse.. at least the cough is. May now be a sinus infection too. Anyway.. enough about me. Alexa went to the ENT last Thursday. No infection then. But they did spot some fluid behind an ear drum. OK so they gave me Amoxicillan to try and head the possibility of an infection off at the pass. Well today daycare calls. That dreaded call .. A has a 102.3 fever. OK so I look like a tool if I don't pick her up. They called to give me the heads up that they were going to give her some tylenol and see how that helps. She's not miserable, just a bit lethargic. So now I have to judge the situation tonite and tomorrow and possibly take her in to the Dr. on Sunday morning. I'm hoping it will be wasted money and it's just her darn tooth coming in but better to be safe than sorry. Thank god for sunday office hours. This poor kid has seen more of that office than I'd like in her 12 months of life.

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