Wednesday, April 29, 2009

*Free Time*

Which means if I don't want to do any housework, I don't have to. Or FEEL like I have to. :) DH has left the building and traveling south towards the swine flu epidemic.. so myself and the 3 midgets are home to enjoy whatever we want. :) Not that we can't enjoy things while he is home but I won't feel the pressure or possible criticism if I don't get something done . And all that is technically in my head. He never criticizes or tells me I have to do something. He knows better. :) So in other words.. "I" won't feel like I'm slacking if I sit with the kids and watch a movie instead of cleaning. :)

On the way home we'll decide what to have for dinner. Then we'll hit the Grocery store for essentials like honey buns, popcorn, cream cheese, ice cream. You know.. the important stuff. Oh and milk too. We'll watch American Idol or a disney movie of their choice. :) And I will get some much needed rest .. while folding laundry.

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