Thursday, April 9, 2009

Odds and Ends

** OK... last night.. my oldest is in the bathroom and apparently that means it's party time because in a matter of seconds the other 2 were also in there. All I hear is Chloe (3 year old) say .. "Do you want me to wipe you? Cause I'm a good wiper" I had to pull the plug on the party after picking myself up off the floor.

** The oldest has this thing is his head that his life if going to change in a big way once he hits the ripe old age of 6. He has informed me that when he is 6 he gets to have a Nintendo DS and also watch rated R movies. Yeah OK.. think what you want kid.. and also he wants a pirate earring when he turns 6. There is no ear piercing for the gentleman until he is 18. My rule.

** A neighbor stopped by last night to deliver some Amish Friendship Bread she made. :) Thanks Nee' ! She asked Chloe if she is ready for the Easter Bunny. Chloe responds.. "The Easter bunny isn't bringing me anything because I didn't sit on his lap." Does that let me off the hook ?? I mean Alexa sat so she will get a basket but should I be the terrible horrible mean Mom and not give the other two theirs ?? LOL... I suppose not.. but maybe I'll hide them and leave a note that because they didn't sit they had to find them ?? hmmm...

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